Jason Pizer SC, Barrister, Vic Bar – I have purchased this guy’s amazing books (Pizer’s Annotated VCAT see here: and have only met him once, for an hour on referral. Jason is generally regarded as the master resource for everything VCAT – you will often see Mr Pizer religiously referred to in VCAT decisions, such is his aura.

An hour went so quickly  – I could have sat there for a whole year listening to him but I ran out of coins. A genius, like no other.

Donna Graham (Cairns/Port Douglas area) – don’t know if she still practices but I owe her for the pragmatic approach to problem solving and general legal counsel she espouses. Donna, as well as being a fine legal practitioner is a sterling teacher of her craft.

Rowland Hassall, Hassall’s Litigation Services and Spiro Prapas, Prapas and Co Solicitors here in Melbourne are my good friends and are clever lawyers in their own niche.

Ian Hazzard, partner McCullough Roberston –  management rights in Queensland and other commercial stuff.



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